Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Day 1 – Update from Jeremy on Anouk

Day 1 – Update from Jeremy on Anouk

Update on Anouk:

Anouk is doing well. The surgery took a while so she is really wiped out right now. It was 2:30 AM by the time she was out of surgery and I could see her.

Because she is so tired right now, we are going to wait on visitors for the time being. She does want to see people, but the doctors say that right now she needs to rest as much as possible. So, we will see how today goes.

Here is the update from last night’s surgery:

– The colon on both sides was so bloated that it had started to tear but not completely torn, so they stitched that up to help it heal.

– The tumor had grown into the uterus and left ovary so they removed those as well as the portion of the colon affected.

– The surgeon didn’t want to risk reattaching the colon until it had time to heal a bit so he did put in an ostomy bag. The hope is that he can reverse that and reattach the colon in a few months.

– While he can’t be for sure, the doctor does believe the tumor to be malignant. We will know for sure when the lymph node testing comes back sometime next week. When I asked if he thought the cancer (if indeed it was malignant) was contained to the tumor he said he wasn’t sure but the lymph node testing would tell us that. But he didn’t see any other tumors while he was in there.

So, a lot to process and as I do, I am sure I will write more. But for the time being, we are confident that God is good and He is sovereign.

We are so grateful for the many texts, emails, and FB messages communicating your love, prayers, and support. Words cannot express our thanksgiving for you all.

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