Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Discovering beauty in the ordinary

MIA – and I don’t mean my daughter :)

MIA – and I don’t mean my daughter :)

I’ve been MIA – missing in action – on my blog. I’ve missed blogging, but as my body finally started to get back to normal this past month, there were many things that had been set aside for 6 months and that were suddenly vying for my attention. Unfortunately blogging had to take a back burner to more pressing things.

Last summer, I had an original plan and reason for starting a blog . . . then September came, and I suddenly had a new / secondary plan (aka – updating everyone on my surgery journey). Now that my secondary plan is coming to an end, I want to revisit my original plan. I want to pray and seek the Lord’s face as to my reason for blogging, and set up a plan of action so I’m not so scattered and inconsistent in my blogging. Would you please pray with me that God would direct me?



So this will probably be my last update and recap about my surgery journey.

This surgery journey was unexpected, difficult, long, and full of surprises (both pleasant and not so pleasant). It was full of God’s grace, peace, strength and mercy, of encouragement and prayers from His children, of His provision through family and friends, of tears and laughter, of pain and victories. Like I’ve said before, I wouldn’t have chosen this path, but looking back on it now, I wouldn’t change it.

My pain is no more and my physical strength is almost back to 100%. I am so thankful for the renewed energy and physical stamina that has returned. My 10 lb weight restriction has been lifted and I can pick up my boy again! He was so cute the first time I picked him up “Mama. You big owie. You no pick me up!” I had to reassure him that I had the doctor’s permission to pick him up now, and he gave me an enthusiastic “Yay!” Sweet boy.

My brain is another matter . . . but I’m not quite sure that’s all surgery related 🙂 I’ve always believed I needed a new brain, even before surgery, so all the chaos of the last few months have only reinforced that belief! Seriously though, I have a bit of a hard time focusing (not unusual for me) especially since I feel like I have so many things to catch up on from the “lost” months. Some of that brain fog may also be part of the newer symptoms of my surgery-induced menopause, including oft-interrupted sleep at night. I’m starting to get accustomed to the waking up throughout the night (my new normal), but I’m sure it doesn’t help with mental focus.

Speaking of menopause, I have not yet started hormone replacements. My OBGYN wanted to wait 4 to 6 months after taking out my last ovary so that any possible remaining endometriosis would “starve off” since endo needs hormones to grow. I will be starting the hormone replacement in June. Please pray that we will find the right dosage and mix of hormones.

So that’s that! Thank you all for going along with me on this surgery journey. I’m thankful for all your encouragement, gifts, prayer support, kind words, and friendship.

I pray that if you are a child of God, a Christ follower, you will be sustained, encouraged and uplifted through your next trial as I was through my surgery journey; He is good and faithful, always. And I pray that if you are not His child or follower, you will ask Him to show Himself to you and give you the gift of faith that only He can bestow.

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