Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Day 21 – 3 weeks already!

Day 21 – 3 weeks already!

It’s hard to believe that it was 3 weeks ago that I was in the ER first hearing about the apple size mass obstructing my colon. So much has transpired since then . . . And yet progress seems to crawl.

That’s where I’m at right now – trying to be patient with my progress. I smile as I think of the many times I’ve told friends to take it easy, to listen to the doctor, and encouraged them that they really were progressing well. Hmm, maybe I should listen to my own advice.

I’m 3 weeks into what is usually a 6 to 8 week healing process. The way my body works, it seems to go numb when it goes through a crisis (surgery). I remember this with past surgeries too. I go off pain meds pretty quickly, then a little bit down the road, my body wakes up from the numbness and starts feeling everything – not a hurt or pain feeling, just an “aware” feeling and uncomfortableness. It’s like I can feel where I was sutured inside. Weird.

Anyway, even though it’s not comfortable or pleasant, it thankfully isn’t painful; but I do now seem to wear out more quickly and I do have trouble getting a full night’s sleep. Right now I usually wake up between 2 and 3AM and have to get up to move around and eat a little something (I’m still eating smaller portions so need to eat more often). My biggest problem and challenge is getting back to sleep after that.

God is enabling me, through the encouragement of others, to be patient with my progress. I’m so thankful for the encouraging words of so many – you are the arms and feet of Jesus to me. Thank you!

Praise request: please pray that I would be able to fall back asleep after my middle of the night.

Fun praise: I have 3 wonderful friends that sent me a care package full of wrapped gifts: I am to open only one per day. I’ve chosen to open it in the middle of the night – good motivation to get out of my warm bed when I don’t feel like it! Thank you friends!! You didn’t know that you’d be helping me in this way with your gifts, but God knew!

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  • My husband and I prayed for you this morning, Anouk. Around 20 years ago Dave was diagnosed with an apple-sized colon tumor–which, in his case, was cancer–and had to navigate his way through the recovery as you are now. Thank you for your honesty and your “pointing to Jesus” emphasis. I love the name of your blog, by the way. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words. We thought for sure it would be a cancer diagnosis for me – the surgeons did too. But God chose for it not to be this time.

      Praise God for 20 years for your husband!

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