Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Day 136 / Day 54 – Next step

Day 136 / Day 54 – Next step

Thank you all for praying!

The latest news is that my surgeon scheduled a sigmoidoscopy for me on Friday the 17th. This is a procedure to check that the narrowing in my colon at the surgery site is not so “severe” that we cannot proceed with the surgery. They also may try to “stretch” the area. I should find out Friday night or Saturday morning if the Monday surgery is a go.

Thankfully, the procedure will be done under anesthesia, so I’ll have to fast and do only a liquid diet starting the night before.


So here is the schedule for next week.

  • Friday, Feb 17th – I need to check in to UW at 2:30pm for the procedure at 3:30pm. The sigmoidoscopy should last 15-30 minutes, and then I will be in recovery waking up for the next hour or so. My surgeon will be on call / on site, so he should get the results pretty quickly and be able to let me know what is going on.
  • If I get the go-ahead for the surgery, I thankfully only need to do the fast / liquid diet starting Sunday morning after breakfast. That is the ONE bonus of an ileostomy vs. the ostomy 🙂 since food goes through so much more quickly!
  • Monday, Feb 20th – Surgery day, aka ileostomy takedown! Lord willing, I will not need to have another incision. As I understand it, the plan is that the stoma (small intestine loop) will be pulled out, stitched back together and reinserted into my abdomen, and the “hole” in my abdomen will close itself as it heals. There is a small possibility that the loop will not be able to be pulled out enough to stitch up – then an incision would need to be made (on same incision as last 2 times, but only half the length) so work on it inside.
  • I’ll have to be in the hospital a minimum of 3 days. I will not be released until my digestive track is fully functional; I’ll be starting on a clear liquid diet, followed by a full liquid diet, followed by a low fiber diet for a while.

Here’s how I would appreciate prayers:

  • Please pray for the procedure on Friday in these two ways: pray for the IV – I have such a hard time with those. And then please pray that the narrowing is not so severe that we will need to put off the surgery.
  • Please pray that the ileostomy takedown will be as simple as planned so I don’t need another incision. I don’t take that for granted since the last 2 surgeries ended up being more complicated than first planned!
  • Please pray that my digestive system would work and wake up – in some ways, it’s had an almost 5 month hiatus! I’ve been warned about some of the things to expect, and I’m not looking forward to them! 🙂


Thanks again for your support and prayers. We are enjoying a few days of rest this weekend before the next part of this surgery journey. Three surgeries in less than 5 months is more than I’ve ever done (and 5 general anesthesias): praise God for His grace and strength! Lord willing, only 9 more days.

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