Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Discovering beauty in the ordinary

A second last meal!

A second last meal!

I’ve never been so thankful for eggs! Yup, eggs!

Before I start telling you about the eggs, I want to thanks you all for your prayers. I could tell people were praying for me because there is no way that in my own flesh I would have reacted the way I did to the events of the morning.

OK, so now for the story about eggs. You remember I’m getting prepared for a colonoscopy tomorrow? Well, when I called the Digestive Health office today, I found out that I was on the wrong prep plan! (Backstory: I never received the prep plan in the mail as promised, so I called on Saturday to see if they could give it to me. The on-call nurse on the phone couldn’t find my specific plan so gave me the generic one on the website).

As I read the new plan, panic and irritation started to set in. This plan said to start 7 days ahead! What??? As I read, however, I noticed that the 7 days ahead part was for people on certain meds. Phew! Dodged that bullet.

Oh no! A “3 days before” section: don’t eat certain food like corn, potato skins, popcorn, nuts, etc. Phew! Safe on that count too.

But here’s the kicker! The next part of the plan was for THE DAY BEFORE!! Not two days before like the bogus prep plan. Nope! Come to find out, I only needed to start the liquid diet TODAY at noon, not yesterday after breakfast. Oh boy!

I was a bit irritated to say the least. But praise the Lord, by His grace (and I truly believe because of your prayers) I had did not get hangry! I was momentarily tempted to chew out the office for not sending me the prep plan, but God calmed my spirit. I was able to have a lovely talk with the nurse who helped walk me through the plan and gave me some good tips. She’s the one that suggested I eat (it was 9am) and made the suggestion of eggs when I was trying to figure out good protein.

And so, the simple eggs became a much celebrated feast. I even took the time to poach them, and let me tell you, I enjoyed those eggs! Amazing how circumstances can change your perspective on simple things, isn’t it?

Another kicker? The silver lining in this story, the blessing in disguise: had I not been on the “bogus” prep plan which included Ensure Clear, I would probably have never discovered the Ensure Clear protein drink. Why is this important? Because right after my surgery almost 9 weeks ago, one of the most difficult parts for me was dealing with my nausea/shakiness/weakness while on the clear liquid diet. The lack of protein, abundance of sugar drinks, and my hypoglycemia did not mix well. Now I’m prepared for the next surgery: I know what I’m going to drink. I’m thanking the Lord that I discovered Ensure Clear.

And I’m thanking you all for your prayers!


P.S. – Some of you have been asking if everything is ok, if this colonoscopy is part of the surgery preparation. It is actually a regularly scheduled appointment that I’m due for (started earlier than most when I was 35 because of the colon cancer history in my family), but it is good because if they do find something, I’m already scheduled for surgery! Thanks for your concern and care!

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