Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Discovering beauty in the ordinary

A-musing Monday – If you give a mom . . .

A-musing Monday – If you give a mom . . .

Life with kids

I wrote this back in July after a slightly embarrassing encounter with the mailman 🙂


If you give a mom some kids

She’ll give her son a snack. She will take 5 minutes to start doing her hair. Then her daughter will finish cleaning up and will be ready for her snack. So the mom will go down and give promised “after-you-finish-cleaning-up” snack.

She will decide to stay down and give her son the cupcake he didn’t get at lunch. Then she will stick around so she can keep an eye on said son and ensure frosting doesn’t get in/on other places other than mouth and hands. She will tell her son not to pat his sister on the head, but cake will still get in her hair.

She will hear a knock on the door. She’ll open to the UPS man then will go back in and open the box. As she does so, she will see the mail truck out the window and realize she has to send out her dad’s birthday card. She will quickly write out the address and place a stamp on the envelope as she runs out the door. As she asks the postman if he picked up the outgoing mail yet, she will remember . . . and immediately wonder if the postman thinks she’s sporting the newest hair style. (Yeah, that’s exactly what he’s thinking right? And so did the UPS guy?)

Then she will take a picture because she needs a good laugh. She will then send it to her husband. Then she will post it to Facebook because someone else might need a chuckle. Then she will decide she’d better go finish her hair – after all, she wouldn’t want to go out with her family for a birthday dinner with that style right? Or maybe she could start a new trend? Nah.

As she goes out for her birthday dinner with her family, she’ll be reminded how God gave her two beautiful children. And chances are she’ll love them more than anything and be thankful, so thankful for them.

(by Anouk Scott, July 5, 2016)

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