Discovering beauty in the ordinary

Discovering beauty in the ordinary

4 weeks already? Grace upon grace!

4 weeks already? Grace upon grace!

In some ways, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 4 weeks since this journey all started in the ER. So many things have happened since then that in one way it seems like a lifetime ago. And yet, my healing progress and scars remind me that it wasn’t that long ago after all.

I went to my OBGYN oncologist doctor/surgeon (Dr. R) yesterday. As I walked into the cancer center for my appointment, I was reminded anew of the grace of God that at this time in my life He has chosen for me to not have cancer. It was also a sobering reminder to pray for all my friends who are dealing with cancer. This appointment was the first time since the pathology report that I had seen Dr. R, and like the other surgeon, he expressed surprise and joy that the mass was not cancerous.

To make a long story short, I got the go ahead for my reattachment surgery on December 19th. We also received more information of the pros and cons of removing my remaining ovary. Since Dr. R deals more with cancer than endometriosis, he told us he was planning on doing some additional research and consulting with my regular OBGYN and nurse practitioner (who just happens to be Dr. R’s wife, small world!) to give me an even better and more informed opinion on the pros and cons of doing the removal.

I’m trying to keep this short, so I’ll do the rest of the praises and prayer requests in bullet form. I hope this post will encourage you as you see answers to prayer, as well as give you specifics to continue to pray for. Thanks again for praying!



  • I got the go ahead to have surgery on December 19th. This means the surgery will be fully covered by insurance since we’ve already (not surprisingly) met our deductible this calendar year.
  • My mom flew out today and arrived safely at home.
  • I’ve pretty much been sleeping through the night (just waking up once or twice but going right back to sleep) for the past 3 or 4 nights.
  • Even though I still have weight lifting restrictions, I feel like I’m truly getting back to my normal self. My energy isn’t back to 100%, but it’s quickly getting up there.
  • I’m so thankful for health insurance and quality health care here in Madison. Even though it’s crazy expensive, it has been great. We are at almost 100K of bills, not even including Dr. R’s part in the surgery yet . . . of course the insurance only allows about $27K of that. We just got the bill to pay our high deductible and the insurance has already paid out the rest. Thankful . . . and curious to see what the final total bill will be.  (And have no worries – because I’m a budget geek, I made sure we had it in our monthly budget to set aside money every month to meet the maximum out of pocket costs, so we are covered).


Prayer requests:

  • Please pray for wisdom concerning the decision about removing the last ovary. We are leaning toward having it removed, but there are some side effects we need to take into consideration. Please pray Dr. R will give us good data to help us make a well informed decision.
  • Please pray for continued healing and increased strength and stamina.
  • Would you please pray for details to work out for our holiday plans? Please pray for Jeremy as it is a busy season for him and he will have the extra load of having his wife in the hospital. My dad will be here until December 23rd so that will be a blessing and a help. Then we obviously will not be traveling to Michigan this year for Christmas, but instead will be having my in-laws coming out here to visit.  Please pray for the housing / travel / etc. details for them.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. You will never know how much it has meant to us!

P.S. – Isn’t the art piece in the picture so cool? A sweet friend in our church, who herself is going through a great trial, had it custom made by an artist friend of hers! Grace upon grace! (John 1:36)

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